Vote Mickey!™

Who says you shouldn’t mix art and politics.

Dear Voter(s),

Another five years have passed, and again I’ve (purposely) missed the deadline to run as an independent candidate in this year’s general election.

British society is still disaffected. It’s still disjointed and it’s still disconnected. The divide between the ‘haves’, the ‘have nots’ and the ‘haven’t a clue’ is increasingly widening. We ordinary citizens are disillusioned by politics and politicians ~ they’re an untrustworthy bunch who all want the same thing… your vote, and they will promise you anything to get it.

In simple language, politics is the art of preventing you ‘the tax payer’ from becoming involved in matters which concern you and the conduct of your country’s affairs. Power is still the ultimate aphrodisiac (as Liz Truss knows only too well) but absolute power will always corrupt (as David Cameron and Tony Blair will refute). History teaches us this time and time again yet we never seem to learn… will we ever learn?

If you’re undecided who to vote for in this year’s this General Election then I suggest you ‘Vote Mickey’. In the name of art, apathy and tri-colon political speech writing ‘Vote Mickey’and laugh in the face of politics, politicians and strategically targeted social media campaigns. You can do this today by writing ‘I Vote Mickey’ across all tick boxes.

Yours effervescently,


We promise to:
– Deliver none of our promises;
– Change our promises once we are in power;
– Increase the divide between the haves, the have nots and the haven’t a clues;
– Create more super taxes, and increase taxes on the hidden taxes you don’t know about;
– Continue abusing the expenses gravy train; and
– Wear hooded tops and trainers in Parliament.

We will:
– Sort out everything by doing absolutely nothing;
– Use AI to do everything;
– Make Instagram and TikTok an official GCSE qualification;
– Legalise all drugs;
– Not make tax payers work longer for less pay;
– Send Tory politicians on inflatable boats to Rwanda;
– Dip into public finances willy-nilly to bail out institutions;
– Sell the NHS piece-by-piece on ebay; and
– Make sure we get paid a fortune for doing as little as possible.

We will do all of this, at your behest, to the very best of our ability over the next four years, God help you.

– We only have four years of the next bunch of f*ckwits in power;
– To look after and educate your children for they are the future.
– Not to take yourself too seriously.
– To honour your mother and father regardless of what you think of them, or how much you hate them;
– To love your friends for they are your choice.
– To let you face know if you’re feeling happy; and remember
– To make beautiful art and music which brings joy to people (simple sh*t really).


Anti-election campaign